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At the TV & Video Doctor this is one of the primary services we offer. Our technical team are experienced to repair all types of TV's from the latest right on back to CRT TVs. Since 1986.

We will quote you before commencing with work, so you know what you are in for and can make an informed decision. Sometimes with the older TVs it is not viable to repair - although it is possible to repair the TV itself, it may well be a better decision to get a new TV. But that decision will be afforded you at the time the quote is given.

Repairs to All Types of TVs

Sometimes it is a better choice to repair the TV. Ultimately, this is your choice. We carry spares for the most common TVs so can perform speedy repairs.

TV Doctor repairs all makes and types of TVs, from Plasma TVs, rear projection TVs, LED, LCD (liquid crystal display) and the older CRT (cathode ray tube) Box TVs.

FYI: LCD stands for “liquid crystal display” and technically, both LED (light emitting diode) and LCD TVs are liquid crystal displays. The basic technology is the same in that both television types have two layers of polarized glass through which the liquid crystals both block and pass light.

You enjoy a 3 month money back guarantee on all our DStv and TV repairs. If we can't fix the problem you paid us to repair we will gladly refund you in full.

On-Site TV Repairs

Repairing your TV on-site is sometimes possible. After a brief telephonic conversation / consultation with a technical person we can establish whether it warrants a call out. We then bring what is needed for your TV brand, type & model. However, if on-site repairs cannot be undertaken, we will inform you of this and then arrange a collection / delivery to our workshop. From there we will undertake to repair the TV and keep you posted on progress.

We make sure that your TV is safe at all times. This is why we have taken out insurance - to cover it while in transit (both ways) and while on our premises. Not every installer can make this statement!
FREE Collection & Delivery for our customers

Free Collection & Delivery for TV repairs

We provide a free collection and delivery service when we repair your television (in the Pretoria and Centurion areas). No need to borrow a bakkie or hurt your back by trying to carry your heavy Plasma, LCD or Rear Projection Television. Leave the hard work to us.

Not convinced yet?

Then consider safety. We have public liability insurance to cover us while installing DStv at your home and goods in transit insurance while we transport your expensive LCD, Plasma or Rear Projection Television. This is your peace of mind you will not get from the average TV repairs man. Our vehicles are sign written and our staff clothing displays our company logo. Feel free to inspect the Multichoice identity document which all our DStv installers carry.

How to Get your TV Repaired Professionally

Call TV & Video Doctor (012 664 5223) for a collection arrangement or bring your LCD / LED, or CRT "Box" TV in for assessment. Rest assured that your TV is in safe hands - we carry insurance for your TV while in transit (both ways), and while on our premises.
We will schedule an assessment and once done call you to let you know what the fault is, and what the repair costs will be (if over R500) and approximately how long it will take to complete the repair job. Remember, assessing can take a few hours, and there is calling to establish spares availability and costs, so getting back to you on costs may well be the following day. Should the cost be under R500, we will proceed automatically.
You give us the Go Ahead and we queue your repair job, which now gets a Jobcard number, we order the parts and start once parts arrive.
The repair job is carried out, then testing gets done. We then allow for a full day of testing before calling you to schedule the delivery and return of your TV.
Once we are satisfied that the repair is 100% as it should be, we schedule a delivery best suited to you. Once at your premises, we plug the TV in, and go through the test phases once again in front of you to demonstrate full workability.
Once you are happy with work carried out, we collect outstanding payment, ask you for a referral or testimonial and leave.
Your TV repair is GUARANTEED for 3 MONTHS - which covers the parts replaced and workmanship, not the entire TV. Expect a follow up call from our offices a few days after the delivery of your repaired TV, to make sure all is well with the repair we just did.
LCD TV Repair Specialists in the Pretoria area

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Most TV faults and errors require testing with electronic equipment by an experienced technician. We collect and deliver FREE of charge should you choose to repair your TV with TV+ Video Doctor. For a Repair Estimate, without the repair being carried out by TV+ Video Doctor, a nominal rate of R250 will be charged.

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